Second life 's First Smart Dance Machine + Dance HUD
You can spend 10k
No other dance machine offer these features

Most Beautiful Dance Machine Ever
●it run by Only one script

●How it work: Just Drop on your land,done

Now it is ready for use >One Touch Start/stop Dances

●Features: 259 Dances > Hi- Quality Dance
●Dance HUD : To Dance anywhere,Just Wear HUD (touch green STAR)

>>it Has stop all Animation button too

●NOTE: Whenever you are using Dance HUD Make sure to STOP your "AO"

●Three Machine Model >Dance Ball , Diamond , Skull

●all can sync Dancer with Diamond Machine

●Low script > Made by only one script
>> Machine will work good even in Lag area

★259 dance Animation (Expensive dance )

●▬▬▬Thank you for your Purchase ▬▬▬▬●
24x7 Support ,Thank you‎

Click here to buy OMG Dance with me HUD

Omg Dance with me dance hud dance ball dance floor much more best dance hud in secondlife Full View

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