====Sun Shine Dance Machine====
-----------Let me Shine-------------------------------

Sun Shine Disco
Sun Shine Rainbow
Sun Shine Moon
Animated Dancing girl Machine

✪Dance machine have mocap dances (Motion capture dances) which are made by real professional dancer

+This is one & only Machine in SL with Remote SYNC features

✪ Mocap Dance Package
>>25 Celebrity dance Pack -5k
>>Mj Dances Pack -5k
>>>49 Mixed Dance,club jazz,disco -20k

✪Dance video on Youtube

✪Quick Play Any Dance (one Touch)

✪Synchronized All Dancer (just sit on DJ pose and choose any dance)

✪How to start: Just drop on land ready to use

✪Star Child is Menu Helper (use in room,garden,home) A Remote for Dance Menu

✪Model: 4 model with Animation Effect

+ Add your Own Dances
Permission: Copy + Modify

+ Free 8 dances Floor
Best Dance Machine,Promise

Click here to buy Sun shine Dance machine

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