>>>>> I Make you Move<<<<<<<

Storm Disco
Storm Rainbow
Storm Moon
Animated Dancing girl Machine

Dance machine have mocap dances (Motion capture dances) which are made by real professional dancer

Best Dance Machine in SL (Promise)
>>94 Mocap Dances<<

Totally Hands Free Machine

You Can even spend 10k, No other Dance ball in SL, offer these feature

>>25 MJ Dances Added = 5k
>>20 Celebrity Dances=5k
>>49 New Dances Mix up=20k
(jazz,freestyle,club )

Dance video on Youtube

+ Add Unlimited Dances in our Storm

>>Real Dance Machine
●Real Dance Machine Texture

>>Power of Storm
●There is no "Menu"(no pop-up) just one touch for start /stop dance
●Auto Synchronizer
●Auto Random Dances
●Add your own Dances(Unlimited)
●0.1 second play/stop dance (promise)

●Real Dance Ball Texture
●You can add your club logo/banner
●Choose your Dance Shape/size
●Add unlimited Dances
●Create Unlimited Dances Machine
●One time payment Life time happiness
●Choose your favorite color
●There is no "menu"
●Unlimited Synchronized Dancer
●One touch start/stop
●Change anything Full Modify/Copy permission

>>Permission :Copy and Modify

>>Prim: One
Model : Rainbow,Moon,Disco ,Dancing Girl

●Free Dance floor

●You can even test Our Storm InWorld Store

This is very "Precious" Dance system ,you will never replace it ,but it will replace your old dance system

Refund: Yes 100% within 24hour
24x7 Help & Support Send Easy IM

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