♕Dance with me Galaxy❆ ❄Shine In Dark★☆

Experience Yourself Today, SL's Most Amazing Dance HUD
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° Dance with me Galaxy HUD ☆Best Dance HUD in SL (Promise)
✪════Experience Yourself ════════ ✪
✪══✪Galaxy II Package✪═══✪
>>Green Galaxy - 400 Dances
>>Yellow Galaxy -Empty HUD
✪Dance Package (Mocap)
>> 25 Michael Jackson Dance
>> 20 Celebrity Dances
>> 50 Mix Dances (chilled,freestyle,club ) Recommend to use "Club Dance" Notecard
>>Other : Street dances,urban,unisex etc
Total : 400 Dances
>>Don't worry 400 dances are divided into 7 notecard you choose your favorite notecard and start dance
✪The hud have mocap dances (Motion capture dances) which are made by real professional dancer
Prim: Only 1 prim Dance HUD
Colors: All Colors more than 24 (Modify + Copy permission)
Yes : you can change Hud Name
✪22 Avatar Invite
✪Synchronized dancing and between you and your friends (Example: Click "watch it in Action" Above Picture )
You can Add your own Animation (Unlimited)
✪Easy to use (one Touch)
Features In Dance Menu
✪ Stop..(button)- To stop someone from sync(or group dance)
✪ Stop All (button) - Stop all friends with you
✪ NEXT (Button) - Switch to next dance
✪PREV (Button) - Switch to previous dance
✪ Cycle On/off (Button)- Auto Change Dance
✪ Dances(Button) - Choose specific dance from 259 Dances
✪ LOAD NC(Button) - Notecard (playlists) Reader -Create your playlist Easily
✪INVITE(Button) - Invite 10 other avatars to dance with you
✪Stop all(Button)- to stop all friends (or group dance)
✪Random(Button) - Play Random Dance
Link of Dances Video on Youtube (hip don't lie)
✪ This is very friendly "Dance Hud" one prim only(low script) ,You will never replace it.
Refund : Yes 100% Refund within 24 hour
24x7 Help and Support,Send A Simple IM,thanks

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